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BioTAP Scholars

To build capacity in the area of research on biology GTA teaching professional development (TPD), the network created the BioTAP Scholars – a year-long program to develop, implement, and report on a biology GTA TPD research project.

Video about BioTAP Scholars

The objectives of the BioTAP Scholars program are to:

  • Help network members advance their research on biology GTA TPD
  • Create new collaborations and connections within the BioTAP community centered on GTA TPD

BioTAP Scholars participate in a two day workshop where they develop their research plans (called the RDS, or research development session).  Homework is required, as well as a commitment to conduct and report on the research results. Travel to the RDS meeting is supported by the grant. As an example of the activities, the 2019 RDS agenda is here: RDS Agenda for participants 5_29_19. 

Scholars also interface with their cohort via six virtual meetings as a virtual learning community (VLC; 2 before the RDS and 4 after the RDS).

The call for applications for the BioTAP Scholars cohorts will be announced on the BioTAP and other professional society listservs. The application will be available on this website.

The 2017 Cohort of the BioTAP Scholars met as part of the ABLE meeting in Madison, WI, the third week of June, 2017. Cohort 2 met in Columbus, Ohio, once again in association with the ABLE conference the third week of June, 2018. The 2019 Cohort of BioTAP Scholars had their face to face meeting in Columbus, OH, on the campus of Ohio State University, on June 3-4, 2019. Cohort 4 met virtually in May 2020 due to COVID-19 concerns.