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BioTAP Scholars Application

The BioTAP Scholars is a year-long program to engage in scholarly research on some aspect of a biology graduate teaching assistant (GTA) teaching professional development (TPD) program. Participation in BioTAP Scholars will advance your abilities to conduct research on GTA TPD, foster new collaborations, and generate research results about a GTA TPD program that you can publish or present. Check out our video on past BioTAP Scholars!

*The BioTAP application for Cohort 4 (2020-2021) will open November 19, 2019, and will be due in January 24, 2020.

Before completing the application, please read the website links related to BioTAP and the BioTAP Scholar program, as well as the information below. You may view a preview of the application hereĀ (BioTAP_Scholars_Application_2020), so you know what questions you will need to answer

BioTAP Scholars do not need to have engaged in research on their programs before, but will be expected to conduct a research project as part of the program. Scholars can be faculty (tenured, tenure-track, or non-tenure track), staff, postdocs, or graduate students. A willingness to collaborate and network with others on biology GTA TPD research is encouraged.

If you are selected to be a BioTAP Scholar, there are several expectations. The requirements include:

  • Attendance at the RDS session. The RDS will guide Scholars through the process of designing their research projects. The BioTAP network grant will pay for your travel, two nights of single occupancy housing, per diem while at the RDS, and a $200 honorarium for your RDS participation.
  • Participation in six Virtual Learning Community sessions. Some will be online synchronously with your BioTAP Scholars cohort, and some will be online asynchronously. These sessions will support implementation of your project.
  • Acquisition of IRB Certification. You will need to earn certification to conduct human subjects research from your institution, and conduct a human subjects-approved GTA TPD research project over the year of the project.
  • Access to a research population. You will need a population of GTAs and a GTA TPD program to work with on a project, as well as enough research funding and time to conduct the project.
  • Compilation of your research project results in the form of a final project abstract.

Thank you for your interest in this exciting initiative!

If you have questions about the BioTAP Scholars or application, please contact Beth Schussler at